Trek Gives Back!

Star Trek fans across the world celebrate “Trek Tuesday,” a movement fairly centric to showing off Star Trek swag, usually via selfie, but what about those fans who don’t have action figures, pins, or Delta Shield adorned clothing to share?

Whether due to location, finances or for other reasons, I’ve seen mention time and time again of Trekkies not having access to Star Trek memorabilia. As someone who loves collecting tribbles, enamel pins, and everything Spock, I know how meaningful it can be to have a piece of Star Trek in your life, and after seeing a few friends jump in to send care boxes to a friend in Japan, I thought I’d try something out.

You see, only a few years ago, the Star Trek community banded together to help save my life. As I will never be able to repay all of the individuals who helped, I am hoping to pay it forward. Thus, I am collecting #StarTrek items (shirts, ships, and so forth) to donate to Trekkies who have none. These items will NOT be sold, only donated in the spirit of sharing and paying it forward.

Trekkie care packages will be FREE of charge! While they may not be fully customizable, I will be asking about favorite series, characters, and so forth to ensure that these items go to those who will treasure them. Remember, this project depends on donations, so please be patient with us as we build our inventory!

If you have any items you’d like to donate, or know of a Star Trek fan in need, please email me at Otherwise, we’d love for you to share this information. The more boldly we grow, the more Trek fans we can reach!

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